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DJ Premier in Seoul

Premier killed it! 2 hours of Premier playing all of his classics! My ONLY gripe? No….Come…..Clean. (pause)
He didnt play any of Jeru’s joints. Maybe they have beef now or something. *shrug*


About bashwon

Bashwon aka. FireH20, Ela-Dio the most pompous First things first, the basics.... Born and raised in the "Suncity", El Paso TX. I began emceeing around 1993 but didnt realize my full potential till 98 or so. I started out with the collective known as Ill State of Mind. Low and behold, the group seemed to drift apart and I entered the military. During my first tour in Ft. Hood, I came across another mic terrorist by the name of Legion Arcane(Anthony Phoenix) and the UN13ORN was created along with Oyes (also of I.S.M) and Muko. A few years down the line, I pcs'ed(moved duty stations for ya'll "common folk") to Germany. There I met up with the Mr. Rap-then-produce-the-track, Trizznate aka Cypha. We created the army known as Dirty Genes along with Par-4 and Twistd. And just like that, I'm here.

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